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Date Title Notes Tags
2023-03-04 Exposing runtime data to a Pod in Kubernetes kubernetes



Date Title Notes Tags
2022-11-29 Time Synchronization from Amazon AWS internet, services, ntp, aws
2022-11-06 More and New Web Standards - security.txt internet, security, infosec, standards


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2022-10-17 Reflection on my current personal project personal, productivity


Date Title Notes Tags
2022-09-20 Productivity and your Hardware personal, hardware, productivity


Date Title Notes Tags
2022-08-21 Some Reflections, Current Work and Future Blogs personal, reflection
2022-08-11 AWS HTTP API and Python based Lambda Integration An introductory look at parsing POST requests through Proxy Integration from HTTP API's in AWS aws, lambda, python, api, proxy, integration


Date Title Notes Tags
2022-07-31 Event Driven Operations - An Example in AWS If you are a cloud engineer or infrastructure support engineer, this may be of interest to you. infrastructure, iac, event driven, patterns, architecture, aws, azure, redhat, cloud, support, devops, sre
2022-07-23 Tech Nostalgia: Qemu and RedHat Linux nostalgia, redhat62, qemu, emulation, emulators
2022-07-17 Tech Nostalgia: Windows 98 nostalgia, windows98, pcem, emulation, emulators


Date Title Notes Tags
2022-06-25 Thinking about future projects personal, opensource
2022-06-14 Exploring GitPod Configuration and Workflow vscode, ide, gitpod
2022-06-07 GitHub Codespaces vs GitPod: Which is Better? github, cloud. vscode, ide
2022-06-06 AWS Cognito Web App in Pure JavaScript A detailed walk through of using AWS Cognito with Authorization Code flow with PKCE. aws, cognito, authentication, authorization, security


Date Title Notes Tags
2022-05-27 Work and life - some thoughts work, life, balance
2022-05-25 Kubernetes Persistent Volumes My lab notes for experimenting with GlusterFS as a storage backend for my k3s persistent volumes. file-systems, kubernetes, persistent volumes, pv
2022-05-07 GlusterFS on Multipass: Quickstart file-systems, cluster


Date Title Notes Tags
2022-04-30 Kustomize: Quick Intro A really quick introduction to Kustomize. kubernetes, cli, kustomize
2022-04-29 Kubectl Plugins kubernetes, cli
2022-04-25 Running Gitlab CE git, gitlab
2022-04-23 My favorite tools gui, cli, web
2022-04-18 Kubernetes Tools (CLI) kubernetes, cli
2022-04-16 Kubernetes API in Python - PART 2 Technical deep dive into exploring the Kubernetes API in Python, from within a Kubernetes cluster. kubernetes, python, resources, api, locust
2022-04-15 Project Announcements
2022-04-10 Kubernetes API in Python - PART 1 Technical deep dive into exploring the Kubernetes API in Python, from within a Kubernetes cluster. kubernetes, python, resources, api, locust
2022-04-05 Technology Dependant personal
2022-04-03 Kubernetes Quickly with K3s kubernetes, k3s


Date Title Notes Tags
2022-03-22 Kubernetes API and curl kubernetes, curl
2022-03-21 Kubernetes and AWS ECR Here I discuss one strategy/approach to allow a Kubernetes cluster outside of EKS to pull images from AWS ECR kubernetes, aws, ecr
2022-03-17 Work Mobility general, personal
2022-03-13 MIME Troubleshooting the recently updated upload script web, mime
2022-03-11 New sync script python, web, aws, s3
2022-03-09 Early Reflections personal
2022-03-08 Mocking Crazy python
2022-03-07 Testing Testing... Exploring unit testing Python Boto3 code python
2022-03-06 Various thoughts
2022-03-05 Project Announcements
2022-03-04 Time for something uplifting personal
2022-03-02 Tuning WSL Because some of us are forced to use Windows everyday... microsoft, wsl, windows


Date Title Notes Tags
2022-02-28 Moving to CloudFront web, aws, cloudfront
2022-02-26 Two short stories in one today I include a technical thought and also a thought on what is happening in Ukraine at the moment. personal
2022-02-25 Here we go
2022-02-24 First Entry I managed to post the ver first blog under the incorrect date! O well, at least I can correct that easily :-)