Thinking about improving the sites hosting options

I am using AWS hor hosting this site and more specifically S3. This experience does not yet allow HTTP which is why I will be looking at making some improvements in the coming days.

For one, I am considering using CLoudFront and this should be a relative simple change. I will provide more technical details on how this was implemented as soon as I have wrapped that part up.

Looking at other stuff happening in the World today

By now just about every person on our planet must know about the war unfolding in Ukraine. Obviously this is very disturbing news and my prayers go out to every family having lost a loved one.

One would think that by now, with all the technological advancements and progress we have made, that something like a full on invasion of a country on European soil is just not possible - and yet, here we are.

It would appear that despite so called "progress", some basic human traits sadly fail to progress at the same pace.

Some people live in fair. Others have a hunger for power. The Russian leadership may have a deadly mix of the two, leading to their justification of what they are busy doing. In the end, the truth is that there is no justification for what they are doing.

Therefore, I add my voice to the millions of those condemning this war and the actions of Russia. I am convinced that most Russians also would not approve of these actions from their government.

At this point in time, this statement is the best I can do. I will offer my help where I can and I will continue to hope and pray for a speedy end to this conflict.