Are we becoming too dependant on technology?

Have you ever thought what would happen if all technology was suddenly just dead? Basically, all that needs to happen is for the Internet to just go offline completely.

I am pretty sure most people that are able to read this online depends on technology for almost everything: communications, shopping, finances, work, and even entertainment. We consume so much online and with the exception of perhaps some of the poorer countries, most of the western world will probably be in a state of disaster should teh Internet as a whole go down for more than a couple of hours.

Hopefully this will not happen and even in a worse case scenario, I'm sure that there is enough redundancy in the system to prevent a complete and global offline situation. Regional outages for various reasons will occur - wars, natural disasters and even human error may cause parts of the world to go dark from time to time. But a global outage, I hope, is not possible.

But this did get me thinking in terms of how prepared I am personally for even a limited regional outage. If the region I live in went dark for a couple of weeks, what will I do? This thought made me realize that I am probably too dependant on technology. So here are some things I have started to do just for in case I need to spend a couple of days or even weeks offline:

Hopefully a prolonged Internet outage will not happen on a global scale, but I do think we all have to be prepared for at least a regional outage lasting a couple of weeks.