Some Reflections, Current Work and Future Blogs

I don't really track usage of my published material. Generally I just hope that someone that needs some relevant information that I happened to publish at some point, will discover it. With that said, I am not sure how many people would have noticed a slow down in my blogging activities?

Regardless, the fact is that I am finding it harder to find the time to blog. I moved to the Netherlands October/November last year, and in the first couple of months I found myself with a lot more free time, so blogging on some technical aspects was a great way to pass the time in a constructive way.

However, I am now really getting busy again and time to blog is dwindling fast. That does not mean I am not publishing anything anymore, but it does mean that this blog will definitely see a lot less activity.

With that said - I am not stopping this blog. I do believe that information, knowledge and experience needs to be shared and I will do that for as long as I can. However, this blog will probably now only see one or two posts per month. In fact, there may even be a month or two per year without any posts.

So what am I so busy with that prevents me from blogging? Well, I am learning a lot of new technologies and I have several projects that I am working on. In terms of things I learn, I will continue to share these on GitHub. For example, right now I am busy looking in more detail at AWS Kinesis and I am documenting all my learnings in a public project. Eventually I will probably have a blog post about that learning project. The fact is, some of these topics are complex and take up a lot of time.

There are also a number of topics that I need to get to at some point - things I want to try and even previous topics I want to revisit and explore some more. There is simply not enough hours in a day to get to everything.

Anyway, for those one or two individuals that may be following these blog posts, I hope this short post clarifies what you may have perceived as a worrying trend.


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