Blog Progress and Lessons Learned

It's been a couple of days since I started a new blogging site. On 25 February I wrote about the tech stack employed and now after a couple of days of making a new post almost every day, I can reflect on how some aspects can be further improved.

First, I use AWS CLI to synchronize the compiled pages to an S3 bucket. You can see the actual script here.... What I noticed is that each time this script runs, all the files are uploaded every time. In the beginning, this is not a bif deal, but I can see that once there is a couple of thousand posts and images and other artifacts, this may become less than ideal. So the first problem I would like to solve is think about how I can solve this problem. I don't have a solid idea yet, but I do feel that this is a worthy problem to solve to optimize the release process.

Secondly, and depending on the solution I come up with in the deployment optimization exercise, I may need to consider moving larger and more long term static content to a separate bucket. For example, all my photos I could move to a bucket called Then again, I might use this bucket regardless of the outcome of the optimization... I am still undecided. But what I do know is that there are a number of artifacts that I want to keep long term, regardless of what happens with the site - thinks like photos. I have a feeling I may very well go this route in the end.

The embedding of Disqus Comments and even Youtube videos was super easy. For now I will keep on using these embedding techniques to provide cool content without major complexity.

Obviously I will post final decisions in the near future and of course the implementation will be part of the repository should anyone else be interested to use it as well.