Short list of really useful Kubernetes tools (CLI)

I recently searched for some tools to help make my life easier using Kubernetes from the command line.

In this short blog post, I share what I have found and hopefully you will find them useful too.

Tool Name Description
direnv Not Kubernetes specific, but still a very useful tool for dynamically loading environments based on the directory you are in - for example, dynamically loading a kubernetes config file.
k9s An interactive command line tool for exploring your Kubernetes cluster.
kns A Kubernetes namespace switches, which also includes ktx
kube-ps1 A really nice PROMPT addon to bash/zsh that shows the current Kubernetes cluster and namespace context.
ktx A Kubernetes config switcher. Warning: project is old and archived, but many are still using it and referring to it.

I am thinking of later creating a dedicated page for tools I find useful and use daily. But for now, I hope this short list helps someone!


kubernetes, cli